ORGANIZATION is a totally free game entitled " This contest is organized on the internet and is available at
Each registered player is invited to consult this regulation in order to remain informed of any adjustments.
The rules below are considered accepted by each player at the time of validation of the registration form.
The game is organized by Nicolas Chaillot and hosted in France by IMINGO SERVICES ( - 14 rue du nord 57050 Le Ban Saint Martin - France) in accordance with the laws in this country.


On your first visit, you must register to take part in the prediction league.
Fill in the form carefully by entering a username, password, e-mail address and the name of the club you support, and ticking/unticking a number of preference boxes to configure your alerts, receive Pronoleague news, etc.


All information entered in the registration form are exclusively Pronoleague and are not transferred to any third party. In addition, all information captured outside the username and password can be changed at any time by accessing your account. The username provided is used in all the rankings and no other information appears on the site (your email address in particular is never!).
Pronoleague also offers the possibility to link your account Pronoleague your Facebook account, allowing you to be logged in automatically when you log on to Facebook and in the future, to interact with your Facebook friends directly from Pronoleague.


    You need to log on to :
  • 1. Enter your predictions
  • 2. Change your personal information and groups via the "My account" menu (more info at "Groups")
  • 3. Access information on your team

Once you've logged on, all areas of the website are open to you as long as you do not close your Internet browser.. Login involves entering your username and password. Access to support predictions calculated by is available only to holders of a Pro Mode account type.


What is Pro Mode?
The Pro mode is a subscription service, subscribes for a period of one season using a premium rate call or SMS, which provides additional opportunities during the forecast contests.

    With Pro mode you can :
  • 1. For Ligue 1: get the score calculated by according to stats from the previous days. This assistance is available through the button Aide in your predictions grid.
  • 2. No ads
  • 3. To validate your predictions Ligue 1 until game time instead of 6 hours before the match.
  • 4. As of July 26, 2010, duration of the subscription to Pro mode passes from 2 months to 1 season.
  • 5. To win the prize , the nature of the prize depends on the number of subscriptions to Pro mode signed during the validity of the competition
To access the Pro mode, go to the page of your account, the menu "My Info".
The Pro mode is offered to the best player (on Ligue 1 points) of data each week except during the last match day.
The webmaster reserves the right to spend a participant in Pro mode if it determines that it is actively contributing to the site (report of a malfunction, error message on the calendar, etc.).
Players whose subscription is active Pro are marked with an Pro Active Mode Pro Active Mode.
Players whose subscription is no longer active Pro are marked with an Pro Mode Off Pro Mode Off.
Warning : for the 2011-2012 season, the entries in Pro mode will be open until April 4, 2012 at midnight. After that date, only the best predictors of each matchday will be eligible for Pro mode.


The main attraction of Pronoleague is of course the individual prediction league. Anyone registering on the website is automatically included in the individual league.

    The individual league comprises two parts :
  • predicting the outcome of French Ligue 1 matches
  • predicting the outcome of special matches. These may be Premiership, Spanish Liga, French Cup, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Champions League, UEFA Cup or international matches.
Important : both Ligue 1 predictions AND special matches count for the individual Pronoleague standings.

Criteria used to rank (in order of importance) :

  • 1. The total number of points (descending)
  • 2. The number of correct predictions with score - BPs (descending)
  • 3. The number of good predictions without score - BP (descending)
  • 4. The number of predictions (descending)
  • 5. The points per game average (descending)
  • 6. The date of player registration (ascending)


Once you've logged on to, you can join an existing team (provided that there are no more than five team members) or create your own team to take part in the team prediction league. The principle is simple: the team's points represent the sum of the points of each team member.

    This competition has a number of plus-points:
  • The team members motivate each other to enter their predictions. If a team member misses a Ligue 1 matchday or a special match, then the entire team is penalized.
  • Anyone joining in the course of the season can join existing teams and immediately take part in the battle for the title!
  • Radiation and resignations are prohibited between January 1 and July 15 of the current season.


As far as possible, the leagues are updated immediately after the matches but, on occasions, they may not be done until the following day. If championship matches are postponed due to bad weather for example, the league is only updated when the match is played (sometimes several weeks after the initially scheduled date). You will be informed either by RSS Feed (, or on the forum, when updates have been made carried out and those which are still outstanding.


In the case of the french championship, the predictions are closed 6 hours before the match.
If you are in Pro mode, the prediction cut-off time is at game time.
For special matches, the cut-off time is on game day at the start of the match. Beware: the fixture list published by the FFF at the beginning of the season is likely to be changed due to TV coverage. Generally, the fixture list is updated about two weeks before each matchday. Predictions can be entered for every Ligue 1 matchday until the end of the season, so you can predict early if you're going to be away or on holiday, etc. To do this, simply select the corresponding matchday on the left-hand side of the grid.


Une fois inscrit, vous pouvez valider vos premières grilles de pronostics en cliquant sur le lien "Jouer" du menu. L'interface de pronostics comporte à la fois les grilles de championnat et les matchs événements. Lorsque vous cliquez sur le menu "Jouer", la journée sélectionnée par défaut est la prochaine journée jouable : c'est-à-dire la prochaine journée non mise à jour et qui n'est pas encore clôturée. Vous avez la possibilité de choisir la journée sur laquelle vous désirez jouer et même jouer sur la totalité des journées de la saison dès le début du championnat. Si la journée que vous avez choisie est encore jouable, vous pouvez saisir les scores un à un et valider la grille. Si la journée n'est plus jouable, vos pronostics s'afficheront avec le total des points que vous avez marqués pour cette journée (hors matchs événements). Dès que vous saisissez un score et que vous quittez la zone, le nombre de points potentiels que vous pouvez marquer est mis à jour sur la droite (hors points bonus) : vous pouvez ainsi estimer en "live" vos points en fonction de la cote (ramenée sur 100). Lors de la validation de votre grille, un message de confirmation s'affichera.


Au centre de la grille de pronostics, vous pouvez voir les cotes Pronoleague des matchs ramenées sur 100 participants.In the centre of the prediction grid, you can see the Pronoleague odds for the matches based on 100 predictors.
The highest odds are shown in RED: this is where you can score most points.

    The points scored on a French championship match break down into two parts:
  • points based on Pronoleague odds
  • bonus points based on the final score of the match

    Score bonus :
  • 1-0         8 points
  • 0-0         8 points
  • 1-1         8 points
  • 2-0         8 points
  • 0-1         15 points
  • 2-1         15 points
  • 2-2         15 points
  • 1-2         15 points
  • 3-1         15 points
  • 0-2         15 points
  • 3-0         15 points
  • 1-3         20 points
  • 4-1         20 points
  • 4-0         20 points
  • 3-2         20 points
  • 2-3         30 points
  • 4-2         30 points
  • 0-3         30 points
  • 3-3         30 points
  • Others   50 points

Points based on odds are calculated according to the predictions entered by the other participants in the prediction league.

    Example : MATCH : Bayern Munich - Inter Milan - Final score 2-2
  • [A] - 56% of players predict Byern Munich to win
  • [B] - 20% of players predict a draw
  • [C] - 24% of players predict Inter Milan to win
  • Players [A] will score 0 point
    Players [B] will score 56 + 24 = 80 points
    Players [C] will score 0 point.

    Bonus points are based on the final score and are fixed. See the "Score bonus" table.
    In our example, players [B] who predicted a final score of 2-2 will get 80 + 15 = 95 points. All others who predicted a draw with a different score will get 80 points.


    You can enter predictions for special matches by clicking on the "Play" link in the menu. The prediction interface includes both French championship and special matches. You can enter your predictions for the three next special matches at any time. Special match predictions are entered 10 by 10. When you enter a prediction, the number of points you can potentially score mark for the match is calculated automatically (as for French Championship matches). When you have validated your special match prediction, a confirmation message will appear.

    For cup matches (ie with winnings required), the score is considered the score before the penalties! (Ie at the end of a possible extension)


    Points are calculated for special matches in the same way as for French Championship matches (odds + final score).


    Groups allow you to gather your friends or opponents in order to facilitate the reading of the standings.
    Creating and managing groups in the menu is "My Groups". The selection of the groups appear in the page ranking you have to create at least one group. You can add as many participants as you want in a group and creating as many groups as you want.